June 20th, 2020

When child gets big enough to send to a play school, We start to think where to send our kids, as we all want them to start their schooling in a place which is well apt for a good initial growth.

Main thing is that the play school should be near to the home, so travelling should not be much for kids.

You should look for a good trusted play school near by your area. All the below points much be ensured in the play school for a good initial growth for your kid.


Features you need to look out in a good play school-

Good education – A good play school should have good curriculum, where children can gain knowledge as well as learn the initial things before getting into Nursery. Montessori is a good method of education, based on scientific observation of children

Good Teachers – Warm and Friendly teachers will make sure that children are enjoying and learning while they are away from home. Teachers should make kids feel that they are in their second home. Good guidance from teachers will be very important in overall growth of your kid.

Ample activities – Parents should make sure that the school has enough infrastructure to allow kids to play various games and learn all along. Separate dance rooms, play areas, library for kids etc are things to note.

Cleanliness of school – The play school where you are sending your kid should be clean and have hygienic atmosphere. Clean and colorful atmosphere aids in better growth of your kid.

Healthy food – A good play school that cares for their children provides healthy food to kids, and don’t provide foods like maggie, pasta.

Extracurricular activities – There should be ample for extracurricular activities for kids like dance, drawing, play, art , outings on some occasions

If you are looking for such a playschool in Patparganj, that fulfills all above criteria, then look no other than Chunking Kidz. We are a Montessori based pre school. Visit us,evaluate and judge us by yourself. Call us today!

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