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Best Play School in Patparganj, IP Extension, West Vinod Nagar

Everyone wants to send their children to the best play school nearby to their  homes. If you are looking for the best play school in patparganj, west vinod nagar , ip extension, east delhi area to give the best possible pre education to your kid, then look no other than Chunking kidz.

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Chunking Kidz is the best play school in the east delhi areas – patparganj, ip extension, west vinod nagar, madhu vihar, balco apartment, mandawali, hasanpur depot, pandav nagar

We are well aware of the fact that in this era of busy and hectic schedules spending time and giving basic education has become quite crucial and difficult as well. Especially in India where education is taken much seriously than any country in the world, earlier there was no proper pre scholar education available for children but now it’s not the same anymore.

You can easily go for the best play school Patparganj – chunking kidz where you can easily notice that the IQ level and memory of your children are developing really fast and very effectively as well. Good quality education has been quite expensive in India lately but not anymore, with us you can expect reliability and assurance of excellence for your child with an affordable price charged.


Features of Chunking Kidz Play school in Patparganj

  1. Child-friendly environment

So, a play school is probably the 1st encounter of a child away from the parents and home, we would never let your child feel any different because our school tends to provide a comfy and attractive environment for children which will let the children attend the school every single day with a smile.

  1. Proper guidance

You would always want your child to be under someone’s guidance who is a friendly and well-behaved person and we can easily assure you that by considering all ethics a proper teacher should have. The teachers and staff are so welcoming and friendly that your children would never feel that they are not under their parent’s watch, which is quite fascinating already.

  1. Innovative procedures to develop children 

With advanced technologies and child-friendly facilities, our school tends to engage the children in such activities that they would easily proceed further with apt knowledge and IQ which is a big necessity these days. Basically, our process of educating children is very much apt for the students where all of them will engage both physically and mentally.

  1. Hygiene is strictly maintained

Children are taught about good hygiene and it is maintained in the play school very strictly.

  1. Free Health camps at play school for kids and their family

We organize health camps for children where they are go through various types of health checkups. Their family is also included in this camp if they want.


health checkup camp in play school

  1. Children celebrate all festivals with full charm and energy

All festivals are celebrated here and all children are taught to get along and celebrate all festivals together.

holi in play school west vinod nagar

christmas in play school ip extension

Why you should choose Chunking Kidz Play School for your kid?

It’s not that we are simply making all these claims, You can come to our campus and see for yourself.  Yes, you can come at chunking kidz and perform proper research on us, be it the testimonials or a visit to our campus itself. It’s obvious that before choosing a play school for the child, a parent will surely pay a visit to the school and check every single aspect or claims made by the play school.

Hence, it is always an important decision to make while choosing a play school because a play school tends to strengthen the building blocks of a child for a better future ahead.

If you are looking for the best play school and live near the following east delhi areas –  west vinod nagar, patparganj, ip extension, mandawali, balco apartment, hasanpur depot, pandav nagar, madhu vihar) then do come visit Chunking kidz and see for yourself if its the best bet for your child’s early education

Our Mission is to provide a safe developmentally appropriate, nurturing environment that promotes social, emotional, cognitive and physical growth, as well as a positive self-image and love of learning.

Contact us at +9172177 73034 today for any queries/ doubts regarding admission.

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